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Dollars for Dunks

What a great season so far! The Gophers have already made so many incredible dunks! Can't wait for more! 


Let's get 100% Dunker participation! 

Join in and make your dollars for dunks pledge today!


Here’s your chance to have some fun and support Golden Gopher student athletes with your NIL pledge to Dollars for Dunks!


Help the Golden Dunkers and Dinkytown Athletes support the Minnesota men's basketball student athletes by pledging a NIL dollar amount per dunk made by our Golden Gophers men's basketball team during the 2023-2024 season! (B1G season and post-season)


A pledge as little as $2, $3, $5 or more per dunk can make a difference as our Golden Gophers compete in the B1G and national stage.




The number of dunks is a statistic kept by the official scorers and their tally will be used in the investment calculations. The pledge will be billed at the end of the season and are paid directly to Dinkytown Athletes.

Dollars for Dunks

Please complete the form to pledge Dollars for Dunks

Pledge Kind

Golden Dunkers

The Official Booster Club of the University of Minnesota Men's Basketball Program. Celebrating over 50 years of supporting Golden Gopher Men's Basketball. The Golden Dunkers Booster Club is a tax exempt, not-for-profit organization of men and women whose purpose is to support the University of Minnesota Men's Basketball Program. We provide financial support as requested by the Men's Basketball Head Coach to help the Gophers compete on a national level and sponsor functions of special interest club members. Funding and functions are consistent with the applicable NCAA rules covering booster clubs and their supporters.

2023-24 Pre-Game Events

Our Members

Membership & Events



Join the Golden Dunkers for the 2023-24 season and be a part of the pre-game action. Membership has it's benefits like being able to attend pre-game events and much, much, more! 


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Season Pass

The easiest way to be a part of the action packed Golden Dunkers season.  We host 8 pre-game events featuring a speakers and chalk talk with an accompanying meal.  This one pass gets you into all 8 events.  Each SEASON PASS is good for one person. 


Golden Dunkers Logo.jpg

Individual Events

If you aren't going to be able to make all 8 events, you can purchase each event individually.  Maybe you want to bring a guest...this is the best option. 


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